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January -       SEK    900.-/ night


February -     SEK    900.-/ night


March -          SEK    900.-/ night


April -            SEK    900.-/ night


May -             SEK    900.-/ night


June -            SEK 12`900.-/ week*


July -             SEK 12`900.-/ week*


August -        SEK 12`900.-/ week*


September -  SEK    900.-/ night


October -       SEK    900.-/ night


November -   SEK    900.-/ night


December -   SEK    900.-/ night


Christmas and New Year week - SEK 1800.00/ night

Check In: 3PM (earliest)

Check Out: 10AM

*Only weekly stays possible

Additional Fees, Taxes & Charges


Frequently asked questions

Q     Does the house have a normal (water) toilet?

Yes there is a normal water-toilet in the house as you know it.

Q.     How far is it to the next hospital?

You get the hospital in 10 minutes with the car.

Q.     How far is it to the ocean?

It is not far to the ocean. It takes about 35 minutes with the car. It`s called "virgin-coast" with a lot of nice beaches.

Q.     Does the boat costs extra .

No it is included.

Q.     Do the Lodge have wi-fi and how much is it per day?

Yes there is wi-fi in the Lodge. It doesn`t costs something, it is included.